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The easiest way to power your aging Mac. 

beigeATX currently supports the following Macintosh computers:

Power Macintosh 600
Power Macintosh 7100
Centris & Quadra 650
Quadra 700

beigeATX is designed to allow a modern-day ATX power supply to be used with many vintage Apple computers.

beigeATX supports soft power, permitting the use of the power switches found on Apple keyboards of this era to start up your computer. The Mac OS handles shutdown as it would with an original power supply.

beigeATX is fully assembled and ready to use. It ships with a wiring harness which can easily be routed through the back of the case. beigeATX installation is fully reversible and requires no modification to your machine. 

Note: beigeATX can only supply power to your board. Because of the inherent age of these computers, corrosion of the logic board by leaking capacitors is almost a given. Ensure that you have done as much as possible to restore the logic board by cleaning it thoroughly and replacing the capacitors - kits are readily available online, as are the services of fellow vintage computing enthusiasts who are experienced with such repairs. More involved diagnosis and repair could still be necessary - We cannot guarantee that beigeATX will make any given system work - it can only deliver power to it.

Each unit includes:

1x beigeATX adapter (enclosed)

1x wiring harness




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