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b r o a d ATX

for Macintosh II, IIx, and IIfx

 note 8/19 - back in stock!

broadATX is the latest product from Anserine Machines, and aims to provide the same ease of use as our original beigeATX.

broadATX was designed specifically for the Macintosh II, IIx, and IIfx series as a drop-in upgrade. It permits a suitable* off-the-shelf ATX power supply to work with any II, IIx, or IIfx without the need for splicing or soldering. broadATX also supports native software power controls on systems with undamaged soft power circuits. 20, 24, and 20+4 ATX connectors are all supported.

In addition, broadATX exposes a force option for the ATX supply. If the host system cannot adequately signal the power supply to turn on, the force pins can be bridged. In this configuration, soft shutdown will simply hang at the "It is now safe to turn off your Macintosh" screen until power is removed. Regarding startup, the computer will attempt to boot as soon as the ATX supply is connected to an electrical outlet. These changes only apply to those who wish to bypass a faulty soft power circuit. A future product will allow a switch to be installed in a empty Nubus slot that connects to the force terminals.

broadATX will interfere with full length (12") Nubus cards in slots A and B. The Macintosh II provides enough Nubus slots to simply relocate some cards, but the maximum number of full length cards possible will be reduced by two. Systems with fewer Nubus slots like the IIfx may be  more limited with regard to full size cards. Half length (7") cards will fit any any slot with no issue.

 *The ATX power supply must meet the minimum amperage rating of the machine to be used. The II is the most power hungry, requiring 18 amps on the 5v rail. This of course assumes a worst case scenario, in which every slot and peripheral port is in use. You may be able to get by with less, but please select your ATX power supply accordingly.


broadATX is designed and assembled in St Louis. 


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